Border Patrol Abusing Powers — Detaining US Citizens Based On Racial Profiling (VIDEO)

Former Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden, a recent victim of racial profiling, was detained by Border Patrol at JFK airport. Mr. Aden has traveled multiple times and recalled that he was always greeted pleasantly by airport staff when arriving home. Aden said he had never before had a problem with security. The East Carolinian reported:

 “Aden said the officer who stopped him asked if he was traveling alone and then proceeded to escort him to a back room. He told the officers numerous times of his past experience as a police chief, but they continued to hold him saying someone on the watch list was using his name as an alias.”

Mr. Aden also described how he was held for a longer period of time than others who were detained in the same area that he was being held. He said that they were released in a matter of minutes while he remained in the room. When he brought up the complaint, he was told that he was not detained and was not being held (but yet, they weren’t permitting him to leave).

Mr. Aden is persisting with his concerns. He is addressing the issue until it receives the attention it needs. He stated that America is now cold and unwelcoming. He feels like his country is turning in on itself and trying to distance itself from any form of diversity.

This is the America that the GOP, the Trump administration, and all Trump worshippers envisioned as being great? This embarrassing black eye on our country’s record is turning into two black eyes, a busted lip, and a bloody nose. I want to say that I am sorry. On behalf of most of America, I sincerely apologize for the continued hate that has overrun our country. I am a child of immigrants. I promise that we are working to restore our credibility. We will work hard to earn back your trust. You are what makes America great.

Watch Keith Olbermann apologize on behalf of us all:

Featured Image: Former Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden / Web Photo

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