JUST IN: UK Parliament On Lockdown After Multiple Attacks (VIDEO/TWEETS)

Multiple incidents are being reported from London this morning. Although preliminary, the witness reports note that a vehicle hit multiple pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge in London.

A former Polish minister tweeted out video from the bridge.

Reports on the amount of pedestrians struck vary from 5 to more than 10. Soon after the incident on the bridge, the man ran through the gates of the London Parliament and attacked an officer with a knife. The man was immediately shot.

No word yet on the motive, but it is being treated as a terrorist attack.

Before the incidents, the United Kingdom was already on a severe terror alert for “international terrorism.” That means that a terrorist attack was considered highly likely. Speculation suggests that this attack is a direct result of the recent intelligence finding and banning of devices from the 10 airports.

At least one woman has since died from injuries sustained from the vehicular attack on the bridge, and British hospitals report at least 20 were injured.

People are being diverted away from the scene including tourists being contained in the London Eye, and reporters being moved back. Emergency workers are still on the scene.

The identity of the attacker has not been released at this time. There are concerns that there could possibly be follow up incidents, as is the pattern of ISIS.

Emergency personnel are vigilant. Investigators are not certain if this was the act of one man or if others may be involved. Other reports are stating that there were multiple assailants who appeared to be of Asian descent. Reports of a suspicious package have also surfaced.

Express reported:

“A suspicious package was then discovered at Parliament sparking an evacuation. The attackers were described by witnesses as being middle-aged Asians. Scotland Yard are calling the incident a ‘terror attack until we know otherwise.’”

Further information will be reported once released. The scene in London at this time is disheartening to say the least.

Watch the live report below:


Featured Image by: Pete Via Flickr/CC-0-1.0.

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