Bernie And Millions More Celebrate Trump’s Healthcare Failure (VIDEO)

The power of the people won today. The terrible GOP healthcare bill proposed by Trump that would have thrown over 20 million people off insurance failed. This is good news for those millions of people and good news for all of the people who have rallied against Trump’s cruel and right-wing plan. The reaction around the country and online has been a celebratory one.

Before being elected Trump promised a healthcare plan for all. He even said that it made him anti-Republican. Then when in power he told us that the issue was “complicated” Well duh! and then he proposed his doomed bill – which was thankfully given up upon today.

This picture tweeted by Pete Caren succinctly described the problem with the bill:


Stephen King observed the failed healthcare bill drama with this tweet:

Trump’s behavior has become so predictable as NotMyPresidentEither tweeted:

We all await the tirade. Trump’s tweeting has become daily news. Sad!

We are now living in a bizarre era where social media and main stream media are often so at odds with each other that the truth has become subjective.

Many people have noted that even with Trump’s majority he still could not get this through and many know that today was a victory, but that it is not over yet – Tim Black tweeted this:


Of course popular Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders celebrated the failure of the bill too. Bernie celebrates the win and thanks the hundreds of thousands who rallied against the bill. He also calls the public to further action.

Bernie demands single payer healthcare, believing coverage for all is a right not a privilege. He even calls it an “international embarrassment” that the US is the only major nation to not guarantee healthcare for all citizens. He tweeted this:

Watch the video he tweeted here:

One battle down, but we still need to win the war.

To quote Jimmy Dore:

“A country that is the richest country in the world and renders half its population poor is a failed system.”

Featured image via Twitter video.