As Proof Of Russian Collusion Mounts, Trump Attempts To Divert Attention (TWEETS)

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Trump-Russian ties debacle, here are the bullet points that get us to where we are now:

  • The U.S. government made an official announcement that it was confident the Russians intentionally hacked the 2016 DNC, as well as other democratically-centered organizations.
  • Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Adviser when it came to light that he had not disclosed, on official paperwork, the meetings he had with the Russians.
  • It has been proven that Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager for the 2016 elections, has ties to not only Russia, but Viktor Yanukovych (he is wanted for treason in Ukraine and is currently in exile in Russia)
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions claimed he never had contact “with the Russians,” but it came to light that he did twice during the campaign with their U.S. ambassador.
  • Now, it has been found that President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has also entertained the U.S. Russian ambassador at none other than the actual Trump Tower.

The ongoing investigation is still sifting through all of this proven information to figure out whether or not our current president colluded with Russians in an attempt to win the election. If so, that would be treason.

However, if it comes to light that the Russians hacked the general election without Trump’s go-ahead, that means we have a president that is speaking gracefully about a country that singlehandedly attempted to negate the importance, and eventual outcome, of the United States system of democracy.

And while Trump’s Russian ties are being investigated, he calls for investigations into… You guessed it… the Clinton’s Russian ties.

Whether you consider his attempt to call out the Clinton’s a poor attempt at deflection or a call to level the playing field, what is currently going on in his administration cannot be denied: several of his advisers have stepped down because of their meetings with Russians being brought to light, there is definitive proof that the Russians interfered with the general election and caused the DNC dump of information, and it has been confirmed that Trump’s own son-in-law has frequent financial and personal interactions with Russians.

Our President can call it whatever he wants, but his advisers resigning and the proof that the FBI has is no match for Trump’s “fake news” slogan of his administration.

As this unfolds, there are two definitive outcomes: either retaliation against Russia will be considered because of their unprompted interference, or President Donald Trump will face treason charges for willingly colluding with another country to influence the election in his favor.

Remember when an affair was the largest scandal of a president?

Seems a bit silly now, in comparison.


Featured image courtesy of Youtube video.