North Korean Nuclear Threats Intensify With Announcement That US Conducts Drills Alongside South Korea And Japan

The comedian Lewis Black once described North Korea as a country that is pure evil. He said that it is the country from where the Wizard of Oz monkeys came. Black’s depiction of North Korea as being so evil that they lack color is was funny. Somehow, the issue has lost its comedic flair. The very real nuclear threat from North Korea is terrifying.

As we reported, President Donald Trump has recently stated that America will deal with North Korea’s aggression with or without help from China. New warnings are being reported that we are on the edge of a nuclear war with North Korea. More recently, the announcement of collaborated exercises between the U.S. and its allies was made in response to the latest North Korean threat.

CNN reported:

 “On Monday, the US, South Korea and Japan announced a new round of exercises from April 3-5. South Korean Defense Ministry Spokesman Moon Sang-gyun said drills were planned ‘to show a strong resolve to counter North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats as North Korea has been steadily improving its submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) capabilities.’”

Meanwhile, a North Korean defector has issued a warning to NBC that N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un is ready to use nuclear weapons as an act of aggression. U.S. options are starting to dwindle in response to the sociopathic leader with an itchy trigger finger. It is enough to cause some unease.

The North Korean nuclear issues are unsettling when considering the possible repercussions. China has not pledged a resolve to stand against this aggression. They seem to be understandably reserved and cautious. It is incredibly scary to have a sociopathic narcissist sitting at the helm of the nuclear button. What makes it all the more terrifying is that our newly “elected” sociopathic narcissist is vowing to respond. This cannot end well.

Watch Lewis Black’s take on North Korea below:

Featured Image by: Quasuo Via Flickr/CC-0-1.0.

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