Teen Girl SHREDS Classical Beethoven And Heavy Metal Magic Is Born (VIDEO)

Tina S. has been rocking the guitar world since she was but a waif. She is a true virtuoso. A prodigy. A wunderkind. The best of the best some would say. She started playing classical guitar at age 6, then switched to an electric guitar when she was 13. Now, at 17, this rocking internet sensation from France is blowing up YouTube as she shreds various covers from such notables as Van Halen’s ‘Eruption¬†and Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb.

During an interview in 2014 with sweety high, she commented that the process of learning the guitar was a long and difficult one and that constantly challenging herself made her better:

Since its my first passion, I dont mind working hard and being patient.

In a more recent interview, from 2016:

“For me, the guitar is a game.”

“This is what allows me to play every day with desire and pleasure, without turning this game into work.”

But, while being a normal teenager and creating her incredible shreds on YouTube, this young adult has also made an impact speaking out about how the world should react to and treat ‘sexist trolls.’ During an interview with MTV News in 2015, she said:

“This problem [of sexism] is visible sometimes through the comments I have posted on YouTube. Where some people have highlighted that I am a girl and [question] my real skills and the strength in my hands. … But I do not really care.” [emphasis theirs]

She credits many for her success and dedication, but especially her teacher, Renaud Louis-Servais, a French guitarist and composer, of whom she says:

“He was the one who genuinely gave me the tools to significantly improve my technique as well as my musical knowledge thanks to his sense of teaching, his motivation and his experience.”

Tina S. maintains a Facebook page and a YouTube channel where you can find her incredible shreds. At 17, she has millions of views on her videos (second only to VanHalen himself on her Eruption cover). She has a brilliant future ahead of her.

Her latest video, posted August 17, 2016, is an epic version of the 3rd Movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and it will blow you away.



Featured image from YouTube video.