WATCH Kellyanne Conway Snap At A Reporter For Saying Trump Dislikes A New York Times Writer

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway has been conspicuously absent from the cable news shows over the past couple of months, perhaps because she became known as being almost as big of a blatant liar as her boss, the alleged president.

But on Tuesday, at an event at the Newseum, Conway was being interviewed by Michael Isikoff when Isikoff asked Conway a question about a reporter for the New York Times:

“I know the president’s views of Maggie Haberman. And yet — why does he speak to her?”

Conway immediately got defensive, replying:

“What do you mean his views of her?”


“His view of her is he doesn’t like her.”

To that, Conway remarked:

“Why would you say that?”

Using truth to disarm Conway, Isikoff admitted:

“Well, because he’s told me.”

The senior Trump adviser became clearly upset with Isikoff, telling him:

“Michael, I just have to push back. That’s just not true. I think it is inappropriate to say who the president does or does not like, respectfully.

“And you just made my entire point about how he is covered like he is a guy sitting next to you on the bus. He’s the president of the United States.”

So now Conway is telling a reporter that what Trump told him isn’t true? Was she there when the fake president allegedly told Isikoff he didn’t like Maggie Haberman? Keep in mind this is the very same Donald Trump who constantly refers to the New York Times with the pejorative term “failing” before he mentions the actual name of the newspaper. And the Times is not failing at all. Their subscriber base, ad revenues, and stock price are way up since Trump became the so-called head of state.

Apparently Kellyanne Conway is also suggesting that Isiskoff and others in the media need to treat Donald Trump with the respect due the office holds. But respect is earned. And Trump hasn’t done a damn thing yet to earn the respect of anyone.

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