Trump-Palin Play Date At The White House Deemed A YUGE Success! (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Parents just love to entertain their toddlers with play dates. Even though our president is a parent himself, that’s exactly how he spent his day yesterday.

White Trash Extravaganza

Running the country is hard, which is why we’re so happy that President Donald Trump takes plenty of time to rest. His latest play time wasn’t in Mar-A-Crappo, though. It was right at the White House.

Trump got to show off his big boy desk to some of his famous, albeit trashy supporters. Kudos to him for acting so grown up. Most children want to ride around in kid-size trucks and play in the dirt.

Not our Groper in Chief.

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin (R), racist superhero and musician Ted Nugent, and white trash singer Kid Rock paid Trump a visit. Let’s see how it went.

Play Time

In this picture, we see the three idiots looking over the shoulders of their overlord. Nobody seems to know what document they were all reviewing. Since Trump isn’t too good with big words, hopefully Palin helped him out.

Especially since she knows how to use big words like “philosophy:”

“If any vegans came over for dinner, I could whip them up a salad, then explain my philosophy on being a carnivore: if God had not intended for use to eat animals, how come He made them out of meat?”

Trump even got to shake hands with Nugent, a man whose fan base largely consists of men who also hate those pesky incest laws.

It’s unclear whether or not he washed his hands before embracing the president, especially after this picture emerged at one of Trump’s rallies. Then again, grabbing genitals is something they have in common:

Finally there’s Kid Rock, a singer who was once arrested for getting into a fight at the Waffle House. He likes to show his support for the president with merchandise and yes, this is real:

A play date at the White House wouldn’t be complete without a little misogyny, though. Here are his fellow toddlers mocking a former first lady and senator from New York, Hillary Clinton (D):

Clinton didn’t grab her genitals on stage or get arrested for a Waffle House brawl. And unlike Palin, her portrait is actually in the White House for her prior role as FLOTUS. So go ahead and make fun of a successful politician with a branching family tree, you elitist white trash.

All joking aside, we are just so happy that Trump enjoyed his play date. Especially since it was done inside of a big house and not outside in the dirt. Although he does like his truck time, too.

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Watch this video to see how Trump panders to white trash.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter