‘Homosexuality Is A Sin’ Pastor John Gray Given Reality Show On Oprah Winfrey Network (VIDEO)

Pastor John Gray has been given his own reality show called ‘The book of John Gray’ on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Gay star news reported the story calling Gray a ‘homophobic hate preacher.’ Pastor Gray openly opposed Obama’s ground breaking same-sex laws in 2012, tweeting this:

Not only did this tweet question Obama’s faith, it fails to recognize this as a civil rights issue. In learning of the pastor’s new show on Oprah, Michael Schirmer recently replied with this tweet:

Another contentious tweet from Gray’s past is this one:

This tweet from Pastor Gray is quite troubling. To class homosexuality at the same moral level as cheating and lying is more than an insult. Loving another adult person is not a sin. Being attracted to who you naturally feel attracted is not a sin.

It is disappointing that so often ancient scriptures are taken literally, especially when times have changed. Even in the New Testament Jesus does not condemn homosexuality and his message was clearly to ‘love thy neighbor.’  Gray is not only offending homosexual people, in this statement he also lumps all ‘believers’ into one pot. Not all believers feel the same about homosexuality. Not all believers consider it a sin!

There Are Other Ways Of Interpreting The Scriptures.

Not everyone sees them the same way. For example the former Bishop John Shelby Spong, who is a Christian and ran an Anglican church in Virginia. He had gay ministers. Spong was not a literalist.

As a spiritual leader he embraced the gay community and not by ignoring what Jesus said, but by following his example, one of love.

Who is to say this interpretation is not the correct one?

Religion does not have to condemn homosexuality. For Pastor John Gray to view homosexuals as ‘wrong-doers’ sends a terrible message to both homosexual people and their friends and families. This is the kind of stigma we need to be getting rid of.

Many in the gay community are shocked to hear that a pastor with these views has been given a reality show on Oprah’s network.

Rather than call gay people ‘sinners,’ perhaps people of faith, such as John Gray, could actually speak to the gay community, show compassion and try to understand that sexuality is not a choice or a behavior that should be condemned by anyone.


Watch Oprah interview Gray here:

Featured image via YouTube.