Sean Hannity: Another In A Seemingly Endless Line Of Serial Sexual Harassers

First it was Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, then it was Fox host Bill O’Reilly, both of whom lost their jobs after being accused of serial sexual harassment. And now we have a former Fox contributor who is also an accomplished attorney accusing host Sean Hannity of the same thing.

Debbie Schlussel said on The Pat Campbell Show:

“He tried to get me to go back to the hotel with him after the show. Both he and Bill Shine, his executive producer, treated me horribly and basically head faked me, and told me Oh, we’re going to double team, which was a weird phrase to use, this Palestinian guy that I was up against on the show, and then every time I tried to open my mouth and say something they said, obey your host. You can’t say anything, or we’re going to shut off your microphone, and when I looked at the tape I barely said anything, and this Palestinian talked the whole time, and then after that, I wasn’t booked on his show again, and he called me and yelled at me. And it was made clear to me that I didn’t go back to him with his hotel after and all this other stuff, and I got a very weird feeling about the whole thing, and I kind of knew I wouldn’t be back on his show.”

Schlussel added that people should look more closely at why Hannity’s former producer quit unexpectedly:

“This kind of stuff is all over the place at Fox News and anything that has to do with Sean Hannity.”

Hannity, who is a well-known cheerleader for Donald Trump, has not yet responded to the charges from Schlussel, but it seems safe to assume that given the current climate at Fox News and the consequences for such behavior, there will be a full investigation into the matter. And should the charges be proven, Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch will have to decide it yet another of his on-air stars must be cut loose from the network.


 Featured Image Via Media Matters