Stephen Colbert’s Brilliant ‘War’ With Chobani Puts Alex Jones to Shame (VIDEO)

This week, Greek yogurt giant Chobani announced that it is at war with right-wing Alex Jones over his claims that the company imports “migrant rapists.”

From his InfoWars website:

“The rape of a 5 yr old special needs girl by 2 refugee teenagers in Twin Falls, ID was mocked as false news.”

“…Immediately CBS’ 60 minutes begins a rehabilitation of the image of the man who has championed refugee employment in the area, where they provide cheap labor for his yogurt factory — the world’s largest.”

“Why has this foreign citizen been showered with $800,000 in ‘Small Business’ loans and allowed to use that to lobby his way into Michelle Obama’s $15B school lunch program and sit on the NY Federal Reserve Board, even though he’s still a Turkish citizen?”

Jones has responded to the lawsuit with this video. He has claimed that billionaire George Soros is behind the Chobani lawsuit:

Stephen Colbert has debuted his own right-wing radio host alter ego Tuck Buckford. He went elbow-deep into a tub of Chobani while making fun of Alex Jones.

Colbert’s Buckford says:

“‘I’m not gonna roll over for Big Yogurt—the Illumi-Chobani. George Soros doesn’t want you to know the real value of yogurt, OK?’ he explained to his audience. ‘It’s a natural, protein-rich, gamma ray shield to keep the Clinton Foundation from reading your dreams.’ Just don’t buy Chobani, Activia, or anything fruit-flavored. (‘Why is it at the bottom? What is it hiding?’)”

He rubs the yogurt on his head as well, and then he eats it. He gets as raving and crazy as Jones does. Jones is also dealing with a custody battle right now. He has asked for his “safe space” from the press while he’s dealing with it. Jones said:

“I urge the press to be respectful and responsible and to show due to deference to the process of the law and respect boundaries defined for this case so that a fair result can be found. Above all, this is a private matter.”

Here is Colbert’s Tuck Buckford video:

Meme by Gun Control Now.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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