Democrats Are Seeing Themselves In Deflating Dancing Pikachu Mercilessly Rushed Offstage By Men In Suits

Last weekend, the annual Pokémon World Festival was hosted in Songdo, South Korea. An army of 15 Pikachus danced to a pop hit medley (Uptown Funk, You Can’t Stop The Beat, and — bizarrely — Hairspray) in a a beautifully choreographed dance routine.


From BuzzFeed:

But there was one moment that captivated — and then quickly destroyed — people around the world. About a minute into the performance, the Pikachu in the very front began deflating. It sent staff members into a panic. FOUR MEN in suits tried to escort the deflating Pikachu offstage as the rest of the Pika troop danced on tirelessly.

Perhaps the saddest part of all of this was that when Pikachu’s head started to deflate, Nikka Blonsky was singing in the background, “And you can try to stop my dancing feet.”


Twitter went NUTZZZZ!


Pikachu being dragged away to Pokemon Jail.


A GIF of the abduction.


The other Pikachus valiantly continued to dance — they KNEW they were one misstep away from certain death.



dancing pikachu deflated


Some folks blamed United Airlines (they totally deserve it).


Or was it Team Rocket?


Things started going dark really really fast, cuz Twitter.





No Justice, No Peace!



Many of us totally took this personally.



Exactly how all of us felt the day after Donald Trump became our president.



But seriously, anyone who watches this just laughs until they cry.


The behind-the-scenes story is even more hilarious — and chaotic.


Our courageous “Army of One” tried to make a comeback but was again deflated.


This is the end of all our hope.

dancing pikachu deflated


Above all, I’m just glad this happened in South Korea. The guy in charge of keeping the poor Pikachus dancing would have likely been executed in North Korea.

The action starts at 1:00. Be sure to watch until the end, though (or fast-forward). Pikachu, with the help of the “government agents” tries to make a second entrance, but instantly deflates and is rushed off the stage again.

First reported by The Verge

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