Sean Spicer Offers OUTRAGEOUS Explanation As To Why Trump Can Bring Middle East Peace (TWEETS/VIDEO)

According to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the current administration will be the one to bring peace to the Middle East. Once you’re done laughing at that thought, keep reading to hear his explanation.

Trump Is ‘Different’

President Donald Trump recently met with yet another foreign leader, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. After Abbas said the meeting went well, Trump publicly said that he will “get things done” when it comes to peace in the Middle East.

During a press briefing after the meeting, a journalist questioned Trump’s optimism. He pointed out that this administration is the fourth one in a row to have such a positive outlook.

Spicer didn’t flinch as he replied:

“Well, I think the man is different.”

He’s not wrong. Unlike former presidents who want to work with people, Trump attacks anyone who criticizes him. He even bullied a journalist who brought up the wiretapping claims against former President Barack Obama.


There’s also Trump’s questionable mental health.

He forgot which country he bombed because he was reminiscing about cake and said we were sending in forces to North Korea, when in fact they were headed to Australia.

Obama never forgot who he bombed or where our military was going. So yes, Trump is different.

Perhaps sensing that nobody believed him, Spicer suggested that Trump just wants to be friends with everyone by saying:

“But this president’s style is one to develop a personal bond with individuals and I think you saw that today with Abbas, him talking so kindly about the president.”

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Given Trump’s eagerness to start World War III, it’s understandable why any foreign leader would think twice about badmouthing him.

Spicer went on to say that Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are going to try and work things out, all because Trump is a ‘mediator.’

Sounds like Spicer and Trump have a different definition for that word.

Watch Spicer’s full response.

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