Step-by-Step Guide To Organizing And Mobilizing — Getting Started (VIDEO)

Have you ever wanted to help organize a political campaign and didn’t know how? Well, here are some basic steps and tips to get you started.

Examining The Difference Between Organizing And Mobilizing

Organizing involves getting people together under a common cause. With organizing, you get people together and come to a consensus. Mobilizing doesn’t necessarily involve coming to a consensus, it involves taking action. Mobilizing involves creating a goal which can be measured. The best organizers are not necessarily the best mobilizers. The reasons for this are many:

  • Because organizers focus on building consensus and unity, while successful mobilization efforts often require leadership skills that can direct.
  • Individuals brought into an organization around an organizational effort have made the mental association of an organizer in one role, so a transformation of that role can feel to members as though a part of the organization they enjoyed—community—has changed and is not as enjoyable.
  • Membership interested in organizing may not be suited for mobilization goals.
  • Leadership opportunities that exist in organizational efforts often do not exist in mobilization efforts.


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1. Build Opportunities To Mobilize

First, you need to form goals for the actions that you want to start. Identify a list of priorities for your group depending on the size of your organization. If your organization is big enough, break it up into teams to accomplish multiple things.

2. Identify Friction

Many individuals already consider themselves part of a cause. Some people may join you because they agree with your beliefs. When you are organizing a group, some people will join and begin mobilizing with you. A great organization will have beliefs and actions for people who share your beliefs and for those who want to take action.

3. Build Up Your Group

Is your group small? Do you need more people to join your efforts? Try to build it up if you can. Small organizations either organize or mobilize, but they rarely have enough people to do both. They either meet and socialize or they mobilize.

We’ve covered the bare minimum basics here just to get you started. Chris Reeves at Daily Kos has an entire series on organizing and mobilizing, covering everything from the beginnings of an idea to completion of your efforts. He has titled it the Nuts & Bolts Guide and we highly recommend heading over there to check it out (it’s free to look, so what’s the harm, right? You’re not gone yet?)

h/t: Chris Reeves at Daily Kos — Thank you Chris, for your dedication and persistence!

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