Conservative Pundit Pens SCATHING OP-ED Against Trump (VIDEO)

You know it’s bad when a member of your own party rips you to shreds. Especially when it’s done in a piece called When The World Is Led by a Child.


David Brooks is a conservative political commentator for the New York Times. He recently penned a scathing op-ed against our Toddler in Chief and pointed out, among other things, three disturbing qualities about President Donald Trump.

For starters, he’s fidgety.

Just like all dog owners should teach their pups how to sit and stay, most adults have mastered this by the age of 25. Not Trump, though.

Brooks says:

“First, most adults have learned to sit still. But mentally, Trump is still a 7-year-old boy who is bouncing around the classroom.”


He points out that you can see this in the way he gives interviews. Each question is given a short response before he goes on to cover another four or five topics. He’s all over the place and can’t stay focused.

Down boy, down. Sit. Stay. Good doggy.


Brooks goes on to say that by the time someone can legally drink, they should have developed their own merit system. A moral code, if you will.

Trump has been able to legally drink for quite some time now, so surely he’s secure with himself. There’s just no way that America would have elected a president who needs a reward after everything he says or does.

Except we did.

Trump loves to fluff himself up to cover up the fact that he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. He once said to Time magazine:

“In a short period of time I understood everything there was to know about healthcare.”

Except he’s proven that he doesn’t know shit about healthcare.

Theory of Mind

Another sign of adulthood is developing a theory of mind. It’s the ability to pick up on how others are feeling or what they’re thinking. As Brooks points out, Trump lacks this skill. He said:

“But Trump seems to have not yet developed a theory of mind. Other people are black boxes that supply either affirmation or disapproval.”

He goes on to say that because of this, Trump is transparent. If the reports of him leaking secrets to Russia are true, it’s probably because he just wants to be their buddy.

All of this makes for an extremely incompetent leader. But then again, her emails…

Watch this video after the jump to see Trump argue like a child:

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.