Trump Opens His Mouth About Gun Control, UK Professor Shuts It For Him (TWEETS)

Donald Trump responded to Saturday night’s horrific attacks in London in typical fashion–with a barrage of tone-deaf tweets. Well, at least one professor in the UK was having none of it.

In case you missed it, Trump used the attacks to peddle the standard Republican line that gun control isn’t always the answer to stopping terror.

When Steve Peers, a law professor at the University of Essex and an expert on European law, saw this, he hit the ceiling. After all, handguns have been effectively banned in most of the United Kingdom for more than two decades. This is due to the 1996 Dunblane school massacre, in which 16 kids and one teacher were killed. A year after that tragedy, Parliament passed two Firearms Acts that all but banned private possession of handguns. Presently, handguns are only allowed in Northern Ireland.

Although this is far more restrictive than even the most strident gun control advocates in this country would support, it probably explained why Peers fired off this incredulous and typically British response to Trump.

We’ve been wondering that for the better part of two years, Steve.

Peers’ brutal retort prompted a number of Americans to do something they’ve had to to fairly often of late–apologize for their president’s idiocy.

It turns out this wasn’t the only time Peers let Trump have it for his initial callous response to the attack. As part of his Sunday morning tweetstorm about the attack, Trump tried to paint London mayor Sadiq Khan as tone-deaf.

Peers saw Trump’s tweet for what it was–scare tactics.

He wasn’t the only Brit to let Trump have it over this. If possible, J. K. Rowling was even more blunt.

Later, Trump finally got around to offering assistance to our friends across the pond in their time of need.

Peers wasn’t willing to take that offer.

Late Sunday afternoon, word got out that Trump was giving serious thought to flying to London in a show of solidarity. Apparently he forgot that at this stage in the game, a visit by the president of the United States could potentially divert badly needed security resources. But Peers was happy to remind him.

Peers knows what real leadership looks like. And he knows what most of us have known for some time–Trump doesn’t come close to meeting that standard. After all, he proved it loudly in his response to this tragedy.

(featured image: screengrab via YouTube)


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