The Difference In Obama’s Father’s Day Twitter Post And Trump’s Are Everything (TWEETS/VIDEO)

There are certain qualities that can make a president stand out from previous ones. For example, most people would favor one who ran the country with dignity over a buffoon with a fragile ego. Judging by their Twitter posts, there are stark and recognizable differences between these two men.

America was once again reminded of how good we had it this past Father’s Day, when a previous president trumped our current one.


Former President Barack Obama has often boasted about his family. His love for his children was apparent when he tweeted this on Father’s Day:

The first Black president who also paved the way for universal healthcare coverage, and who was also the first Black president of the Harvard Law Review, said he’s most proud of being a father to his two daughters.

President Donald Trump didn’t take the same high road this past Father’s Day.


As Obama tweeted about fatherhood, Trump gave himself a pat on the back. Instead of praising his five children, he sent out three tweets about what he’s done in office:

Not even a shout out to First Daughter Ivanka Trump, the self-proclaimed feminist who continues to support our Misogynist in Chief. But then again, she didn’t mention him in her Father’s Day tweet¬†either.

After complaining about the Russia investigation, bragging about all of those bills, and taking away healthcare, he managed to misquote his approval rating.

The right-wing Rasmussen Poll he’s quoting actually had Obama at a 55% approval rating while Trump is at 42%. Maybe he misread it because he was being rushed off of the toilet, though.

Watch this video to see some of the many reasons we miss Obama.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.