WATCH What Happens When A GOP Congressman Offers ‘Career Advice’ To A CNN Host

Republican members of Congress are trying desperately to either spin or ignore the sexist and violent comments and videos President Trump has posted on Twitter over the past few days that are aimed at the news media, especially CNN and MSNBC.

The latest GOPer to attempt a dismissal of the video Trump posted showing him body slamming CNN is Virginia Congressman Scott Taylor, who told CNN host Alisyn Camerota on Monday morning:

“I think you guys are getting played, man. I think every time he does this you guys overreact – and by you guys I mean the media, in general — and you play right into his hands.”

Taylor then accused the media of failing to focus on topics such as foreign policy, healthcare, and veterans. That led Camerota to ask why the president doesn’t do the same. Taylor replied:

“He is talking about it — I see him talking about it. We’re working with the White House on different initiatives out there that aren’t being covered, necessarily. I’m just giving you advice.”

The CNN host, clearly realizing the ridiculousness of what Taylor had said, thanked him for his “career advice,” and then noted that of Trump’s tweets, 92 were attacks on the media, compared to only 68 jobs dealing with jobs, and 29 on veterans. Camerota added:

“Really, the vast majority of them are frivolous, as we’ve shown you with the numbers.”

This led Taylor to issue a bizarre challenge to Camerota:

“What I would like you to do is the next segment you have, put up the numbers of your negative coverage of the president, as well, too.”

Camerota let Taylor know just how stupid his remark was, informing him:

“Congressman, that is — forgive me — a crazy suggestion. We are covering the president — congressman, let me answer — how do we know when the presidential tweet is newsworthy?”

Later, when the host tried to get Taylor to comment on the president’s tweets attacking the press, he finally managed to say:

“I’m critical of it. I don’t think it makes sense.”

Here’s some career advice for Congressman Taylor: Don’t get too comfortable. The 2018 midterm election isn’t far away, and your party is being led by a madman.

Featured Image via CNN Screengrab