Trump Organization Proves It Has Russian Business Ties (VIDEO)

Anyone who has been conscious for the past year knows that the relationship between Donald Trump and the Russian government is murky at best. Everyone is aware of Trump’s possible involvement in Russia’s interference with our election.

Back in 2015, Trump told an interviewer that he and Trump knew each other well. Maybe he wanted to make himself look like an international wheeler-dealer by overstating his relationship with Putin.

But when it became clear during last summer’s presidential campaign that Putin was trying to interfere with the election in order to help Trump, the candidate claimed that he had never even met the Russian President.

And of course, Trump’s son Eric told an interviewer in 2014 that Russian money was funding the family golf courses “all the time.” He claimed that the Trump organization had “all the funding we need out of Russia.”

We also know that for years the Trump organization has registered domain names for international businesses. For example, they own the domain name They own thousands of domain names, in fact.

Now, for the first time since Trump was inaugurated in January, the Trump organization has renewed two domain names for potential businesses in Russia. The two names are and

The first domain shows that Trump and family intend to put up one of their patented fancy high rise hotels, like the other ones around the globe. And the second indicates that they want to conduct even more business in Russia at some point in the future.

While we have to say that neither of the domains has been activated yet, there must be a plan to open those businesses at some point in the relatively near future. And even though the Trump businesses are now being run by sons Eric and Donnie, Junior, ethics lawyers continue to insist that there is a dangerous conflict of interest in place. President Trump still benefits from all of his businesses. So you can see how having plans to open businesses in Russia could be a problem.

I wonder what Trump and Putin are talking about right this minute at the G20…

Featured image via WikiMedia Commons.

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