Guam And Trump Say Current North Korean Nuclear Threat Will Increase Tourism (VIDEO)

A phone call between Eddie Baza Calvo, the Governor of Guam and President Donald Trump was made public today. Guam, a US territory that is currently under threat of a North Korean nuclear attack. In the strange telephone exchange, Trump calls the Governor to tell him he is a “hell of a guy” and tells him that America is with him 1000 percent. The Governor then tells Trump many times he is happy to have him at the helm and that he has confidence in him. While Trump and he talk about this whole threat as if it is merely something that will push Guam’s tourism occupancy rates to 110 percent.

While the rest of the world is on tenterhooks, terrified of a nuclear exchange, these two men decide to talk and laugh off the threat.

The war rhetoric has escalated in the past week.

When Nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, yes it ended World War two, but it was also a game changer. Suddenly the world was able to destroy itself. Technology grew and grew, as tensions did, especially between the US and the then USSR during the Cold War.  This was a hugely expensive arms race and then after a stark realisation, there was a mutual disarming of the destructive capabilities. The lesson thankfully learnt in the end, was that no one can win in a nuclear conflict.

It would simply be game over.

End of the world.

So as President Trump plays a devastatingly dangerous game of chicken with North Korean Kim Jong-Un, the rest of the world sit watching, horribly frightened.

Poor Guam could be caught in the cross fire and while the Governor seems to have every confidence in the President, his occupancy rates will be the last of his worries, if this conflict continues to escalate and spills over into nuclear attacks.

This is no time for impulsive threats and reckless attacks.

The world needs caution and avoidance of conflict above all else.


Watch as the Governor of Guam receives a call from Trump:


Featured image via YouTube.