Employers Want No Part Of Nazism: Firing Identified Rally Participants (TWEETS)

“On Saturday afternoon, a group of Nazi assholes were protesting in Charlottesville using Party City tiki torches. They are being identified online and being fired. Oh, don’t you love karma?!

The Twitter user #YesYoureRacist is outing these Nazi assholes. He describes himself as:

“…Scouring the underbelly of Twitter to expose people who say they’re not racist, and then go on to prove otherwise.”

Here are just some examples:

Here is another one who has become famous:

One of them has even been fired from his job:

Top Dog is a hot dog shop in the area, and they even posted a sign saying Cole White is no longer employed there:

Yes, You’re Racist wrote:

“If you recognize any of the Nazis marching in #Charlottesville, send me their names/profiles and I’ll make them famous.”

Peter Cvjetanovic, 20, has gotten so much backlash that he tried to clear his name in an interview. He said:

“I did not expect the photo to be shared as much as it was. I understand the photo has a very negative connotation. But I hope that the people sharing the photo are willing to listen that I’m not the angry racist they see in that photo.”

Cole Stryker, author of “Hacking the Future,” a book about the history and future of online anonymity, told NBC News:

“There were hundreds if not thousands of cameras running during the rally at any given moment. I am consistently impressed by amateur detectives who are able to unearth people’s names, home addresses, and social media accounts by picking out details from publicly available photos and video.”

“Anyone who puts on a bandana or a mask and thinks that will do the trick is fooling themselves, and should be prepared to accept what’s coming to them.” 

This is sweet justice, but it raises some legal questions. Can you be fired for your political ideas? Public-sector workers can’t be fired for their political ideas; however, federal law doesn’t offer any protections for those expressing unpopular political ideas or for participating in political demonstrations.

Featured image via Twitter.

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