Yes You Should Break Up With Your Trump-Loving Partner. Here’s Why (TWEETS)

Is your partner a Trump supporter? Do you cringe every time you see them in that “Make America Great Again” hat?

It’s not necessarily about President Trump himself. However, it is about values. If you have different political views, then your values are likely different. This is never good for a relationship.

Your values are your ideals. They determine how you live and how you view the world. According to political science researchers, people who voted for Trump have authoritarian personalities. They are likely to condemn, reject, and punish people whom they see as violating “traditional values.” When they feel threatened, they respond aggressively to outsiders.

In contrast, those who oppose Trump value liberty, tolerance, and diversity. Those values systems are ultimately at odds with each other, which is not good for a relationship.

The election of President Trump has strained many relationships over the last year. One woman wrote to Slate’s Dear Prudence saying her husband’s Trump support “reveals something about my husband’s character that I didn’t know.”

Men who vote for Trump are what we call “soft misogynists.” They may like and even claim to love women on the outside, but if you scratch the surface, they don’t see women as quite equal. Any man that is okay with “grab them by the pussy” is at least a tiny bit misogynistic, whether he means to be or not.

This may seem a bit extreme to some. Some say this breaking up with someone or treating them differently over their political views is a form of intolerance itself. This may make everyone seem like a bigot, though. Where does it end? Does condemning the KKK or white nationalists make you a bigot?

If it does, then count me in. I’d rather be a bigot that support these awful people.

Here are some great tweets on the subject:


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