Crazy Theocrat Roy Moore One Step Closer To Sessions’ Senate Seat (VIDEO)

In Tuesday’s election, theocrat and former Chief Justice Roy Moore got one step closer to taking Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat. Moore failed to clear the 50 percent needed to win, so he will face Luther Strange in a runoff election next month. (Moore-Strange sounds about right.)

The bad news is that Moore got nearly 40 percent of the vote to Strange’s 32 percent. This means that Moore is likely to become Senator in December. This is super scary. As an Alabamian, I’m sorry that this asshole might end up in government.

Moore actually believes that America is “evil” for allowing same-sex marriage. He actually believes that there are some cities under Sharia law right now. He also thinks evolution has “distorted our way of thinking.”

Moore first became famous over a decade ago when he was told to remove a Ten Commandments monument from his courtroom. He was also told to stop having prayer sessions before meetings. Then, it escalated to a Ten Commandments monument at the state courthouse in Alabama.

He was suspended from his position after he refused to comply with the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling back in 2015. He wrote letters to the county clerks telling them not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

He couldn’t do his job as a judge, how can we expect him to do his job as a Senator? He obviously doesn’t uphold the law, but people want him to write laws? Knowing his theocratic views, he will probably write very homophobic, pro-life, and anti-science bills if he becomes Senator.

Luther Strange is also a conservative, but he is not as bad as Roy Moore. Maybe people in Alabama will come to their senses before the runoff election in September. The fact that Moore made it this far is scary enough.

Here is one of his horrifying campaign ads:

Featured image via Twitter.

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