Arnold Schwarzenegger Schools Trump On How To Deal With Racism (TWEET/VIDEO)

Famous action star and former Mr Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a video aimed squarely at addressing the recent nightmare that was Charlottesville.

Republican and former Governor of California has chosen to speak out on this issue of white supremacy and Nazism. He says many things directly to President Trump and then speaks to the Nazis themselves.

The tweet looked like this:

The monologue is direct and clear. He starts out by saying that there are not two sides here and points out that these Nazis marched with a flag that “symbolises the slaughter of millions of people.”

He then says:

“The only way to beat the loud and angry voices of hate is to meet them with louder and more reasonable voices. That includes you President Trump.”

He then reminds Trump of his “moral responsibility” to send a message that he won’t stand for hate or racism. He even then goes on to help write an appropriate speech for Trump (seeing as Trump is finding it so hard to do himself).

His suggestion is:

“As President of the United States and a Republican, I reject the support of white supremacists. The country that defeated Hitler’s armies is no place for Nazi flags. The party of Lincoln won’t stand with those who carry the battle flags of the failed confederacy.”

Schwarzenegger then asks a bobble head doll of Trump:

“Was it that difficult? You see I told you”

As the speech goes on he then addresses neo-Nazis, white supremacists and neo-Confederates. He tells them bluntly:

“Your heroes are losers.”

He expands by talking of the real Nazis. He says he grew up in Austria post war and saw men who were broken and full of shame. He then adds that right now “they’re resting in hell.”

He then addresses the people who say they were at the march, but were not Nazis, his reply is perfect:

“Don’t hang out with people who carry Nazi flags, give Nazi salutes or shout Nazi slogans. Go home.” 

As he points out this is an ideology that murdered millions of people.

Why in this day and age does this even need to be said? It should be a no-brainer. He also adds that these people are lucky to live in a country that allows people to say horrible things and then asks why not use this power for something good?

Schwarzenegger believes we have to face hatred head on. He likens hate to a tumor and that we need to cut it out. He encourages people to give to anti-hate organisations and to come together to “Terminate hate” – which is also a slogan on a line of T-shirts he is releasing.

It is vital that we all stand up to hate and here Schwarzenegger has made his views more than clear.


Featured image via Twitter.