German Police Seize Ecstasy Pills Shaped Like Trump’s Head (No, Really)

Police in the northwest German state of Lower Saxony have seized over 5,000 ecstasy pills. This is not normally international news, but these pills have an uncanny resemblance to United States President Donald Trump. Oh, and they’re orange, of course.

Seriously. Take a look:

Picture courtesy of the BBC

An Austrian father and son were arrested in connection with the seizure. In addition to the drugs, the Osnabruck police also found a large amount of cash in the car the two were driving. According to the police the drugs were to be sold on the internet with the sloganĀ “Trump makes partying great again”.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The ecstasy pills haveĀ an approximate street value of over $40,000, while the Trump likeness it seems was just for fun and giggles.

Another reason to stay away from drugs, kids.

Photo released by Osnabruck police

You could say that Donald Trump’s presidency has been a real trip so far. Looks like someone wanted it to be an actual trip, too!

Watch a news clip detailing the story here: