I Think We Are Seeing The REAL Chelsea Clinton For The First Time EVER

Am I the only one who never really thought that much about Chelsea Clinton? Did I like her? Yes. Admire her? Certainly. But stand back and say “whoa this girl is a BADASS”? Not so much.

I think most people thought of Chelsea Clinton as the “girl next door” (who just happened to be a high profile, highly-educated child of politicians). Vanilla. Beige. Not boring, but not exciting. She stayed out of the spotlight.

She. Did. Nothing. To Draw. Attention. To. Herself.

Was it because her mother was in high profile jobs and planning to run for president? Probably. But now that her parents are off of the national stage, we are for the first time meeting the total freakin’ badass that is Chelsea Clinton.

And it’s a beautiful thing.

Fun fact: I THINK I babysat Chelsea one night when she was a little girl. My neighbors in Booneville, Arkansas — Paul and Betsy Danielson — had a dinner for the Clintons when Pres. Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Since I was a regular babysitter for the Danielson family, they brought me over to entertain all of the children while the adults dined. I didn’t actually know until later that the guests included our governor and his wife. Sorry I didn’t recognize you Pres. and Sec. Clinton. I wasn’t the fierce liberal political ANIMAL I am now. Ha. 


We began to see this new side of Chelsea in February, when she posted a tweet in support of the Lourvre atttack. She used the opportunity to nudge Trump dingbat Kellyanne Conway, referencing the now infamous “Bowling Green Massacre.”

Then late August, in a string of tweets that involved one man saying she’s “disgusting,” she showed us (again) how class responds to trash.

Chelsea’s response to Scott:


Sigh. How can I learn to be like Chelsea? Since I’m 50, I guess I can give up on being like her “when I grow up,” right? (I ain’t never gonna be that classy or nice….just sayin’)

And this Twitter conversation isn’t all.

On the same day, she slammed Alex Jones (Infowars) when he shared one of the hoax videos that claim Michelle Obama is a man. Chelsea’s defense of Mrs. Obama is what inspired the above “Scott” to be a jackass.

AND she made it clear that she did NOT lower herself to actually visit the vile site.

Earlier in the month, Chelsea jumped to the defense of another First Kid, Barron Trump, when nut-job site The Daily Caller criticized Barron’s clothing.

Let’s take a play from Chelsea Clinton’s playbook and not give Tucker Carlson (yeah, he owns it) even a DOLLAR of ad revenue by clicking. I’ve screen-grabbed it for you below.


We genuinely appreciate Melania Trump (for whom we have ZERO respect, but tolerate moreso than we do her disgusting hubby) going public to thank Chelsea for defending Barron.

And it’s not the first time Chelsea came out swinging for Barron. She gets it, the whole “First Kid” thing.

In July, she got into a Twitter feud with our ridiculous president himself. Of course she didn’t provoke it. He did.

But she didn’t hesitate to respond. And it was beautiful.

Nothing. But. Class. smoothasthis

Early in August, she spoke out to defend White House staff when Donald Trump was overheard saying “that White House is a real dump.”

Even when someone publicly gets in her face, Chelsea chooses to go high. From WaPo:

Chelsea Clinton was one of the honorees at Variety’s Power of Women New York luncheon on Friday, but that didn’t stop host Vanessa Bayer from making a joke at the Clinton family’s expense.

In her opening monologue at the event, the “Saturday Night Live” comedian introduced the six women who would be honored that afternoon: Jessica Chastain, Gayle King, Blake Lively, Audra McDonald, Tina Knowles, Shari Redstone and Clinton.

“And they all have one thing in common,” Bayer quipped. “None of their moms are president.”

At first everyone thought Chelsea would just let the rude comment slide (cuz she’s that dang classy), but no. She used the opportunity to channel the already immortal voice of her mom, Hillary Clinton:

“Vanessa, we may be able to say in this room today that no one’s mother is currently president,” Clinton said, addressing Bayer. “But someday, someone’s will be.”

Watch Chelsea’s full speech below.

I’ve never thought much about Chelsea in terms of politics. Though a strong activist, she seemed content to do her thing (at least for now), which seemed to be primarily writing (genuinely good) books, parenting, and working at her parents’ foundation. But is she interested in a political career? Maybe, maybe not.

Vanity Fair busted out this very offensive speculative piece in April, suggesting that Chelsea is just one more leg of a “failed political dynasty.”

Starting in 2012, she began to allow glossy magazines to profile her, and she picked up speed in the years that followed. The results were all friendly in aim, and yet the picture that kept emerging from the growing pile of Chelsea quotations was that of a person accustomed to courtiers nodding their heads raptly. Here are Chelsea’s thoughts on returning to red meat in her diet: “I’m a big believer in listening to my body’s cravings.” On her time in the “fiercely meritocratic” workplace of Wall Street: “I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t.” On her precocity: “They told me that my father had learned to read when he was three. So, of course, I thought I had to too. The first thing I learned to read was the newspaper.” Take that, Click, Clack, Moo.

It’s unfair (and just stupid) to lump Chelsea Clinton into some Illuminati-ish group with her parents. She is accomplished in her own right, and should she ever decide to run for public office, her advanced degrees (Master of Public Heath, B.A. in history, and a PhD in International Relations) and work experience make her as amply qualified as most other politicians.

Chelsea’s books:


Chelsea told us via Variety in April that she’s not running for office, but didn’t totally take the idea off the table for future.

“I am not running for public office,” Clinton said. “I really am constantly surprised by the stories of me running for, fill in the blank—Congress, Senate, City Council, the presidency,” she continued. “I really find this all rather hysterical, because I’ve been asked this question a lot throughout my life, and the answer has never changed.”


“If someone steps down or something changes, I’ll then ask and answer those questions at that time,” she said. “But right now, no, I’m not running for public office.”

She’s a young woman with a world of opportunities before her. Who knows? As an intelligent and accomplished Democrat, she’ll have my vote if she ever runs for national office.

She’s catching the attention from the other side, too. From a New York Post article by right wing nut-job and Twitchy owner Michelle Malkin (why the F are they letting her write for them????):

“Lifetime achievement”? She skated through college and pulled family strings to secure her short-lived, high-priced jobs in management consulting and media.

Those who know Chelsea Clinton best see her for what she is: a “spoiled brat,” to quote Doug Band.

She is Bill Clinton without the charm, Hillary Clinton without the ruthlessness and full Billary in her bottomless well of inflated entitlement and ideological hackery.

My response to those (even on our own side) who slam her as out-of-touch and privileged is this: Is she qualified? Is she electable? Will she work for us? Will she fight for us? That’s what we need from everyone who runs for office, and it’s no different for her.

In an interview with The New York Times Book Review, she was asked who she would choose to write her biography. Her response:

“Me,” she responded. “But there’s so much more to do before that question even gets asked.”

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