9 Skills That Could Make You More Attractive To Employers

Here are some great skills that will get your resume to the top of the pack:

1. Foreign Languages

Want to get moved to one of your company’s international offices? Speak the language. Even if your company doesn’t have any international offices, all of those years spent learning a new language shows your work ethic.

2. Social Media Skills

Nearly every company has a social media presence these days. So, knowing your way around social media can really help. Some large companies have entire teams dedicated to social media.

3. Programming Know-How

Computer programming is one of the hot skills in the job market right now. Even if you don’t write software, the logic skills can look really great on a resume and give you a leg up in jobs like project management and design.

4. Data Analysis

Many companies have a mountain of data to deal with. Knowing how to crunch those numbers is an important skill to have.

5. Photo Editing

Learning your way around photo editing software can really give you a leg up on your resume.

6. Problem-Solving

Every employer wants to hire a problem-solver. Every employer wants someone who doesn’t need their hand held on a big, complicated project.

7. Public Speaking

Plenty of people get nervous when having to speak in front of a large group. If you have a gift for public speaking, you will be the one picked to give presentations in your group. This can be a great asset for any employer.

8. Writing Expertise

Many jobs require you to do some type of writing. A job candidate who can communicate clearly will get to the top of the heap.

9. Diving

This may seem like a random skill to learn. But, it is a booming field to get into. It would be a great conversation starter at an interview, I guess.

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