PRANK OF THE CENTURY! Tricksters Stocked Trump Tower Gift Shop With Gift Options ‘For Fine People’

If you had wandered into the gift shop at Trump Tower in New York on Monday, you might have been more than a bit surprised to see some of the new items for sale.

Someone gave local news outletĀ Gothamist a tip that if they hurried over to the gift shop, they might be amused by what they found. So Gothamist sent some people over and this is what they managed to locate:

Notice those postcards list Vladimir Putin as 45th President of the United States? But there was so much more:

What real Trump supporter doesn’t need their own white hood to wear to campaign rallies when their savior whips up the crowd with his hateful rhetoric?

But should you be in the market for something very very special (and more than a little bit kinky), that was also on sale at the Trump Tower gift shop. Russian hookers, by the way, are not included in this deal:

Or perhaps you want to show your patriotism and need a flag. Not a problem:

Got a special someone on your gift list that you cannot seem to please at Christmas? If they love Trump, then they’re bound to be a Fox News addict, too, so why not get them a remote control they’ll cherish forever? Here it is:

Two artists later admitted they were behind the prank, and one of them told Gothamist:

“We thought the tourists coming in to buy some stuff, especially people from other countries, should get the whole story of who the president is, because the items in the Trump store don’t accurately reflect the person.”

When someone attempted to purchase one of the items, they were told to leave the store. Security was then called, ending all of the harmless fun. But don’t despair, because you can still go to and take care of your early Christmas shopping if you’re so inclined.

Truth be told, would it really surprise any of us to see such items being sold if Trump thought he could make a fast buck out of it?

Here’s more on this epic prank:

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