David Letterman Has Some Direct Advice For President Trump (VIDEO)

David Letterman has been retired for years now, but in a recent interview with Howard Stern, he has once again made his feelings clear about the current political situation. Letterman has commented on the Trump presidency before and now in this interview with Stern, has called Trump’s election a failed ‘experiment.’

Letterman said to Stern:

“It was an experiment. We put an outsider in the office. Well, it hasn’t worked.”


Then he offered President Trump this advice:

“Just resign.”

The former late night talk show host and comedian had even more of an idea on how to actually get rid of him:

“The impeachment thing will take forever and may not end with a conviction. You just get together some people, like his sons, Don Jr. and Don Jr. Get those two guys together. Probably Regis [Philbin], put him on the panel. And Gary Busey. And his daughter, the youngest one, Trumpina. And just go to him and have him sign some papers and just move him down to Mar-a-Lago. They’ll build a little Oval Office for him down there. ‘No, you’re still president, dad.”

Letterman interviewed Trump himself many times on his own program over the years. He seemed to make fun of him during these interviews, but everyone treated Trump differently before he actually ran for president. Back then it was really only his hair and his firing style on The Apprentice, that drew much attention.


Years ago it seemed like some kind of warped fantasy that he could make it to the White House, no one could have imagined what has eventuated.

On one appearance on Letterman’s show, Trump was promoting some of his clothing, including his line of ties. Letterman was quick to point out they were made in China and Bangladesh. For all of Trump’s rhetoric about America and American jobs, he sure seems to personally prefer to use the lowest labor costs available.







Featured image via YouTube.