Candice Bergen Calls Trump A ‘Douche’ As She Recalls Their Terrible Date (VIDEO)

Candice Bergen has revealed that she went on a date with a young, now-president, Donald Trump. While on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the former Murphy Brown star was being interviewed along with and Reece Witherspoon.

They were playing a game called Candidly Candice where many statements about the actress were made. Then fellow actress Witherspoon had to say whether she thought they were factual or not.

Some questions revealed Bergen had grown up knowing the Reagans, and that she had attended parties thrown by the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

When it came to going on a date with Trump while Bergen was a college student, Witherspoon immediately said that she already knew this statement was in fact true.

From there the game ended, because host Cohen decided he wanted more details about this date.

Cohen asked her several questions about the night out. She explained he had picked her up wearing a three piece burgundy suit and in a burgundy car.
She also revealed that there was no kissing and made it very clear that there was no physical contact at all.

Bergen stated that Trump was a good looking man back in the day, good looking and “a douche.” The actress said she was home pretty early that evening.

Trump often bragged about women on Howard Stern’s radio program for many years, he has been married three times, and was caught out speaking about women in a most disrespectful way in the now infamous Access Hollywood tapes last year.

When the tapes showed what kind of talk Trump takes part in behind the scenes, it was thought this would mean his election hopes were over. However this was not the case, it seems many Trump fans are not at all bothered by his apparent disrespectful attitude towards women.

Trump has claimed before that women like it when men are mean to them, well it seems this tactic did not work with a young Candice Bergen.




Featured image via YouTube.