Daily Show Veteran Gives RWNJs The Comedy Central Treatment (VIDEOS)

For a decade, Stephen Colbert and the folks at Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” gave far-right lunacy the treatment it deserves–a heavy dose of public ridicule. Two Mondays from now, another Comedy Central personality is poised to take up that torch.

Crack “Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper is launching his own show, “The Opposition,” on September 25. Much like “The Colbert Report,” it will give the nation a chance to point at the craziest people and things on the right and laugh. Klepper is the latest “Daily Show” alum to stick out on his own, following in the footsteps of John Oliver and Samantha Bee. He also seems to be taking the advice of Michael Moore, who believes the best way to fight Trump and his apologists is by forming an army of comedy.

Like Colbert, Klepper will portray an eponymous far-right pundit. In Klepper’s case, he will draw his inspiration from the likes of fake news peddlers like Alex Jones and Breitbart.

Klepper offered a preview of what was to come on the August 24 edition of “The Daily Show.” Watch here.

Klepper was in character, accusing his mentor, Trevor Noah, of pushing a smorgasbord of “fabrications” on the American people. He saw it as his first chance to turn the hot lights on “greedy globalists” while ramping up his following on Twitter. He recently took a red pill and realized he’s been peddling “liberal talking points” for three years. No more. “Jordan the Barbarian” is going to #War.

During a recent production meeting, Klepper told The New York Times that he’d had the chance to visit several Trump rallies. While he’s heard a steady diet of conspiracy theories–one Trump supporters demanded to know why Obama wasn’t in Washington during 9-11–he’s also seen a lot of anger. He also thinks he has an idea for part of Trump’s success–coming to terms with the Jones and Breitbarts of the world.

Judging by some teases that have already been posted on YouTube, Klepper seems to have studied these wingnuts very well. Just before his appearance on “The Daily Show,” he tried to explain some hard truths to America.

And earlier this week, he traveled to Phoenix to help resist the resistance.

Apparently the wingnuts are already taking notice. Jones recently wrung his hands about how Klepper was “defaming” him.


Awww, what’s the matter, Alex? Can’t handle your own shadow?

“The Opposition” will air Monday through Thursday at 11:30 p.m., taking advantage of “The Daily Show” as a lead-in. If Jones is already wailing about those meanies at Comedy Central making fun of him, Klepper must be doing something right. Sounds like this show will be well worth watching.

(featured image courtesy Guy F. Wicke, available under a Creative Commons BY-SA license)

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