The 7 Most Badass B*tches Who Ever Walked On The Face Of The Earth

Check out this list of some of the most badass women in history.

1. Phoolan Devi

Devi was an Indian woman born in poverty. She was married against her will at age 11. She was kidnapped by bandits who meant to kill her, but they became impressed by her, and she married their leader. Her husband was killed and she was gang-raped by his enemies. She became queen of the bandits and led them on a search for her rapists. She eventually became a member of Parliament. She was assassinated in 2001.

2. Madam Ching

She started out as a prostitute and became a pirate queen. She was one of the few pirates to actually retire on her own terms instead of being captured or killed.

3. Nancy Wake

She was a New Zealander/Australian who became a British spy and French resistance leader during World War II. She was one of the Gestapo’s most wanted. She was known as the White Mouse.

4. Olga of Kiev

She went on a killing rampage that destroyed the Drevlians, who had killed her husband, Igor of Kiev. She killed all of their political leaders and burned their capital to the ground.

5. Queen Tamar of Georgia

She was a rare female ruler of Georgia during medieval times. She survived multiple coup attempts, including one by her former husband after she divorced him, which was very rare back then.

6. Brunhilda of Austria

This chick was basically a real-life Cersei Lannister. Her reign of terror ran on until she was in her 70s. She started a war between her grandsons.

7. Violette Morris

She was a French athlete, boxer, endurance auto/motorcycle racer, and WWI motorcycle messenger. She was barred from French athletics for knocking out opponents. She got her revenge on the French by becoming a Nazi interrogator and spy hunter during World War II.

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