11 Photos Of NYC’s Disgusting Nude Trump Statue

Along with being a textbook narcissist, America’s so-called President Donald Trump, has also been called a “psychopath” by some. Although Trump isn’t short, his macho man persona and behaviors that are often associated with people who have low self-esteem, also lead him to fit the description of someone with Short Man’s Syndrome.

Though not a formal diagnosis, Short Man’s Syndrome is real. Ironically, at 6’2″ Trump isn’t short; he is, however, short-sighted, short on common sense, short on intelligence — you get the picture. His lack of poise, control, tact, and diplomacy caused Trump to quickly become the source of material for many comedians.

Because males who behave as Trump does, are often viewed as compensating for their small penises, that too has become the source of material for some. In fact, The Washington Post reports that out of pure spite and disdain for Trump, a group called INDECLINE decided to showcase Trump in one of the most embarrassing ways possible. They captured the ill-shaped 71 year-old naked, and with a penis so small, you need glasses to see it.

Adding insult to injury, INDECLINE put their naked Trumps all over the country. Some of the best views may be found below. Warning:  This material will surely gross you out, but it’s funny and accurate:

Image screengrab via Facebook/Stephan De Castel

While this person couldn’t resist taking a picture with naked Trump, he also couldn’t help using the photo-op as a chance to show his resistance:

Image screengrab via Facebook/Mike Pearl

How would you caption this disgusting backside:

Image screengrab via Facebook/Keith Keith

Naked Trump goes to Hollywood:

Image screengrab via Facebook/The Asians

This woman has it right; sigh, face palm:

Image screengrab via Facebook/When Pictures Tell the Truth

There are certainly people who would love to do in real life, what this guy is pretending to do:

Image screengrab via Facebook/James Pirner

What would you do if you were walking along, minding your business and saw this manner of grossness:

Image screengrab via Facebook/Yahia Mirmotahari

The person who took this picture, Elliot, reports that he lives near the statue. Sucks to be him:

Image screengrab via Facebook/Elliot Humrich

These people don’t even want to get close to Trump. Sometimes art really does imitate life:

Image screengrab via Facebook/Kristen Lassen-Smith

Sorry, friend. Looking for Trump’s man parts is like looking for his common sense:

Image screengrab via Facebook/Jaime Cervantes Perez

Last, but certainly not least. The plaque attached to all of the statues summed Trump up perfectly:

Image screengrab Facebook/Paul Drexler

Because indeed, “The emperor has no balls.”

Featured Image screengrab via Facebook/Doyle Industries.