Bible Thumpers Again Trying To Say Earth Is Only 6,000 Years Old (VIDEO)

The Creationists say that the Earth is only 6,000-years-old because the Bible tells them so. But, does it really say that?

Dating the Earth isn’t even in the Bible at all. So, where do they get 6,000 years from? The Bible does have the genealogy of the people who lived at the beginning of creation. They add up the ages of those people plus 2,000 years after Christ, and that’s where they get 6,000 years from.

The arguments of Young Earth Creationists are tragically flawed. First, the genealogies in the Bible are not absolute. Hebrew genealogies sometimes skip people who aren’t noteworthy. So, if those are true, there are likely many people who were missed.

The term “begat,” used in the Bible, is often used to refer to anyone in your direct bloodline, even if there is a generation in between. This is even shown in the New Testament when Jesus is referred to as the “Son of David,” even though he is not directly the son of David. He is just in the same bloodline as David.

Even if those genealogies were accurate, that still doesn’t date the Earth.

At least there aren’t as many Americans who believe this as there used to be. There are only 38 percent of Americans who believe in Creationism. Higher levels of education seem to be associated with less belief in Creationism. Belief in Creationism is at 21 percent for college graduates, and at 48 percent for those without college degrees.

However, most Americans believe that a God had some sort of role in the evolution of humans if they believe in evolution.

There are other ways Young Earthers try to explain the age of the Earth as well. They believe that radiocarbon dating isn’t real because carbon decays quickly, so they think you can’t detect it. However, that isn’t how radiocarbon dating works. Radiocarbon dating works by tracking the rate that the radioactive carbon has decayed.

Here is Neil DeGrasse Tyson talking about young Earth Creationism:

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