Late British Actor Once Came Face To Face With Hitler, Could Have Killed Him (VIDEO)


A very interesting revelation has come about during a documentary about the British comedy series Only Fools and Horses. The show was set in East London in the 1980s and it mainly centred on two funny characters; Del Boy, played by David Jason and Rodney played by Nicholas Lyndhurst. Well it has come to light that their costar Lennard Pearce, who played Grandad, once met Adolf Hitler himself.

Lyndhurst tells the story about the meeting. Pearce was travelling through Europe as a theatre actor in the 1930s. He had just performed and the Nazis came in to meet them afterwards. Pearce actually shook Hitler’s hand. Lyndhurst claims Pearce only ever spoke about the meeting once and added that he had regrets about the meeting.

Lyndhurst said:

“The top honchos of the Nazi party had seen the play and came to congratulate them ­afterwards. Lennard shook hands with Adolf Hitler. He only ever told me once, but he said, ‘Had I known then what I know now, I would have drawn the pistol from one of the bodyguards and I’d have done my best to kill him.’”

Hitler went on to cause complete mayhem and destruction in Europe, by invading neighboring countries, causing World War II and he is most famous for his heinous views. Hitler was responsible for the systematic killing of six million Jews. This was part of his evil Final Solution, which involved death camps and not only targeted Jews, but Romanians, the disabled, and homosexuals. This fascist dictator went on to show the world the absolute horror of putting these disgusting beliefs into action.

It is no wonder the comedy actor Pearce, wished he could have done something that might have prevented it all. Pearce died in 1984, but the show has continued to have much success by being rerun over and over. It is a real favorite of the BBC and a large part of British television history. People of Britain really warmed to Only Fools and Horses and will be surprised that the man who played Grandad once has such an opportunity.


Featured image via YouTube.