White Supremacists Lose Their Sh*t Over Report That Some Vikings Were Muslim (TWEETS)

If there’s one thing white supremacists, white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis universally love, it’s Vikings. They freaking worship Vikings, fetishize them, and cannot get enough of all things Viking. To them, Vikings symbolize racial purity and taking what you want by violence. Nazi websites such as The Daily Stormer are fond of using imagery which evokes Viking history and Norse mythology.

But what if some Vikings were (gasp!) Muslims?

Researchers at Upsala University announced Friday that some Vikings were buried in Sweden with cloth inscribed with the name “Allah,” the Muslim word for God, and this may suggest that as they roamed the world, Vikings came into contact with people of the Muslim faith and some may have also converted to Islam.

Cue hysterical freak-out by right-wingers on Twitter:


And plenty of others were delighted to see the Viking worshipers get a nice dose of historical karma:





Featured Image Via YouTube