WATCH Moronic Trump Supporters Say Hillary Clinton Should Be Impeached

If we know anything about supporters of President Trump, it’s that they are, much like their Cheeto-faced hero, not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer. To be even blunter, they’re dumb as rocks.

Jimmy Kimmel proved this to be the case by doing interviews with Trump supporters, asking if they thought Hillary Clinton should be impeached. Keep in mind it’s impossible to impeach someone who doesn’t hold an office, but there’s no need trying to explain that to the terminally moronic who worship Trump.

One man replied:

“Yes, definitely. For what she’s done, the way that she’s kind of… more or less, with the Russian deal and all that going on, she definitely should be out.”

Out of what? Out of gas? Out of tissues?

A woman was asked, Who is a bigger threat, Hillary Clinton or climate change. Her response is proof positive that we may indeed live in the country with more stupid people per capita than any other:


The same woman was asked if ISIS or Hillary Clinton was a bigger threat. She replied:

“They’re about even.”

Yep, that’s a Trump voter for you.

One man even said Clinton Clinton should be charged with treason:

“Extortion, treason…if there was a Benedict Arnold law, it would be her.”

Watch the video for yourself:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab