Alex Jones Leaked GOP Rep. Joe Barton’s Masturbation Video To The World’s Horror (VIDEO)

Notorious conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, leveraged a double-edged sword against Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas). Utilizing his media platform, Infowars, Jones released a video of Barton masturbating. The video followed TMZ’s release of a sexually natured text and an image depicting the congressman masturbating.

Reports indicated Barton attempted to coerce the recipient of his sexually explicit communications into retaining his privacy. Despite Barton proving himself unworthy of his family values image, Jones may have inadvertently suffered the most damage by violating Texas’s revenge porn laws.

Barton’s sexual escapades came at an inopportune time. Over that last two months, multiple reports of sexual misconduct allegations eroded the public’s trust in the entertainment industry, media personalities, and politicians from throughout the political spectrum.

Fair or not, Barton finds himself among the uncomfortable company of actor Kevin Spacey, producer Harvey Weinstein, Republican Roy Moore, and Democrat John Conyers.

Image Credit By Texas Radio News Service Via Flickr/CC-By-NC-SA-2.0.

Irrespective the consensual nature of Barton’s carnal liaisons, said acts directly contradict the image he constructed for his constituency. Once known as a conservative family values congressman, the representative’s actions may have caused doubt among his base.

Texas political consultant Brian Mayes described a political weakness, “if he gets a motivated opponent.” Should a future candidate challenge his family-oriented image, Barton fails to hold a credible defense.

Furthermore, Mayes stated:

“This is something you’d expect from a young, immature college kid, not a grandfather.”

Alex Jones Yelling
Image Via YouTube Video.

In an attempt to capitalize on the environment, Infowars entered the controversy.

In the past, the bombastic personality called the Sandy Hook shooting a false flag operation. Last month, he claimed the Las Vegas shooter’s motives involve the combination of ISIS, Antifa, and the “deep state.” After peddling lead-tainted supplements and accusing President Trump’s political opponents of being literal biblical demons, Jones added to Barton’s plight.

Not satisfied by TMZ’s release of censored photos and illustrative text, Jones attained something more. Despite trepidation, journalist Laura Loomer provided the reptilian alien expert with Barton’s masturbation footage.

From there, Infowars hosted the video. Soon after, the video disappeared.

Screenshot Via The Wayback Machine

Still, the damage occurred. When Barton warned his former lover not to harm his career, he understood what the revelation meant. A family values conservative image shattered; a lascivious man remained. The man failed the image.

Considering Jones’ colorful expressions favoring the president, the choice to attack a Trump ally seemed strange. While the emotionally turbulent personality proclaimed faith and morality, he often supported Trump’s controversial positions. By most accounts, Barton supported them as well.

However, Barton’s support for Trump’s positions differed in one key area, Russian sanctions. The president opposed H.R.3364, the act imposing sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Like most members, Barton voted for it. 

If Jones harbored resentment, the absurdity matched years of previous maddened antics. Ultimately, Jones’ crazed exuberance upended more than Barton’s shallow mask. He may have exposed Infowars and himself to future litigation.

When Jones released the video, he used post-it notes to cover Barton’s genitalia. During the congressman’s vigorous physical vacillations, Jones showed momentary glimpses of pink fleshy blurs. Perhaps, he revealed only fingers. The footage included Barton’s face.

Texas “Revenge Porn” law made it illegal to promote or disclose “intimate visual material.” On the surface, Jones’ action matched occurrence conditions listed under section 26.16 of the Texas Penal Code.

The video footage hurt Barton. However, a shifted focus away from the original hypocritical action remains viable. The conspiracy madman gave the congressman the ammunition needed to create a bigger story.

Within a few days, the narrative shifted away from Barton’s impropriety. Infowars now occupied the role of aggressor.

Both men created their misfortune, but Barton positioned himself to escape.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.