Trump’s Ghostwriter Says He Has No Doubt That ‘Putin Owns Trump’

30 years ago, Tony Schwartz agreed to be the ghostwriter for Donald Trump’s book The Art of the Deal, and he now says he deeply regrets that because he fears may have helped Trump become president. Schwartz told The New Yorker in 2016:

“If Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”

And now Schwartz is weighing in again on Trump, saying that he’s convinced the president is indeed a tool of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but he believes Mueller is about to take down the American head of state:

The day after Thanksgiving, Schwartz tweeted out that one of the things he was most thankful for this year was the Mueller investigation:

Recent developments in the Russigate probe are indeed heartening:

  • Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is probably cooperating with the Mueller team in order to spare his son from prosecution.
  • Paul Manafort, who served as Trump’s campaign chairman in the race for the White House, along with his business partner, Rick Gates, have both been indicted by a grand jury in Washington.
  • There are increasing calls in Congress for Trump aides to turn over documents relevant to committees that are looking into the 2016 election.

Schwartz said over the summer that he thinks Mueller is close to finding impeachable evidence on Trump, and that the president will resign before long:

Additionally, Schwartz had this to say about how the Russians have been pursuing Trump as an asset since the 1980s:

“So the Russians pursued Trump as an asset as early as the mid-80s. His deep compromising connection with a sworn enemy is going to unravel soon in ways that boggle the mind.”

For most of us, our minds are already boggled and also stuck on one question: How soon can we kick this traitor out of office?

Featured Image Via the BBC