Kushner Now Talking To Mueller – Is The End Near For Trump?

In addition to learning that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is probably cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, President Trump is now faced with a new threat who works as one of his top advisers.

CNN reports that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who also serves as a senior adviser, met with Mueller earlier this month as part of the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election:

“Jared Kushner met earlier this month with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team as part of the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the election, according to two people familiar with the meeting.

“Mueller’s team specifically asked Kushner about former national security advisor Michael Flynn, who is under investigation by the special counsel, two sources said. Flynn was the dominant topic of the conversation, one of the sources said.”

The meeting with Mueller’s team of prosecutors lasted less than 90 minutes, according to those familiar with the meeting.

CNN also notes that Kushner is of particular interest to Mueller because of the central role he played in the Trump campaign:

“Even before Mueller took over the Russia investigation, the FBI had been looking at Kushner’s multiple roles on both the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team. The 2016 Trump Tower meeting, in addition to meetings with Russia’s ambassador and a Russian government banker, were left off Kushner’s security clearance forms, which had to be revised multiple times.”

But the fact that Kushner has had direct contact with the Mueller team should be especially troubling for Trump and the attorneys that represent him. Could Kushner also be laying the groundwork for a deal with Mueller in which he agrees to tell what he knows in exchange for immunity? If so, then Trump could soon find himself the subject of numerous criminal indictments.

Jared Kushner may be facing the greatest legal jeopardy of anyone involved in the Russiagate scandal. As a result, he could be looking at the most criminal charges and be faced with the most prison time. He has every incentive to flip on his father-in-law. And he may be in the process of doing exactly that.

Featured Image Via NBC News