WATCH Trump’s Dentures Nearly Fall Out During A Speech (VIDEO)

It was a very important speech, but like with most things Donald Trump attempts, it wound up devolving into comedy and ridicule.

Trump was announcing that the United States would soon be moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but all of sudden he started slurring his words. Take a look:

WTF?! Is Trump drunk? He doesn’t drink. On drugs? Doubtful.

As it turns out, you can tell that Trump tries to put his dentures back in place with his cheeks and tongue. If you can watch the video without laughing, you’re probably lacking a pulse.

Twitter noticed and gave Trump a hard time about his dental foibles:

It’s always fun to watch Trump make a complete ass out of himself. He’s so good at it, and he does it on a continual basis. Now, if we can just get that weave off the top of his head, we’ll finally know what the real Donald Trump looks like.

Featured Image Via Yahoo News