Trump Has Post-Christmas Meltdown On Twitter About FBI, ‘Crooked Hillary’ (TWEETS)

Just a day after Christmas, Donald Trump was again tweeting up a storm, directing his barbs at the FBI and Hillary Clinton, among others, probably because he knows the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is bearing fruit and will likely lead to criminal charges and impeachment:

Notice that Trump got his “news” from the always unreliable Fox & Friends, who have the credibility of the little boy who cried wolf. He managed to get the Steele dossier, FBI, Russia, collusion, and Hillary Clinton in the same tweet! Impressive for a man who is hardly sentient enough to remember his own name. Oh, and did you notice how he managed to misspell a word as simple as “friends”? foxandfrlends? WTF?!

Within minutes, Trump got hit with lots of social media karma:

Featured Image Via YouTube