MSNBC Analyst Explains How Mueller Will Get Trump To Incriminate Himself (VIDEO)

Sooner or later, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will have a long chat with Donald Trump regarding his investigation into the 2016 election. That chat will either come in the form of an interview or before a grand jury. And recent reports suggest Trump’s attorneys are very nervous about what the president might say under oath.

But as MSNBC analyst Jason Johnson told host Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday, if and when the day comes that Trump is face-to-face with members of Mueller’s team, it won’t be a good day for the president:

“Look, Robert Mueller doesn’t have to be the closer, right? But you get Donald Trump in a room and you poke his ego, you frustrate him — he is going to say something. And if it doesn’t get him in trouble, it might get someone in trouble, someone in the administration in trouble.”

Peter Baker of The New York Times agreed with Johnson, noting:

“We’ve seen Donald Trump in litigation in the past. He’s been sued many times as a businessman and often said things in depositions that contradict things he’s said in public. You can’t get away with that now.”

If Trump is interviewed in private or has to testify before a grand jury, each and every lie he tells could be a separate charge of perjury. And who knows exactly what he might say in such a situation? He might toss everyone he can think of under the bus in order to save himself, including family and friends.

But here’s what should truly give Trump nightmares: He’s not a lawyer, and he’s proven time and time again that he’s not very bright. He’s certainly no match for top-notch attorneys like the ones on the Mueller team. And, in a grand jury setting, Trump’s attorneys would have to stay outside the courtroom.

About the only possible option Trump has is taking the Fifth across the board, and that too will make him look guilty as hell.

Featured Image Via NBC News