Donnie FINALLY Got His Time Magazine Cover, And He’s Gonna Hate It! (PHOTOS)

Donald Trump has long been obsessed with being on the cover of Time magazine. So much so that he even had fake mock-ups of him on the cover of the news magazine at several of his U.S. golf resorts:


Now, however, the illegitimate and notoriously thin-skinned POTUS has finally achieved his goal of being on the cover of Time. But it’s a pretty safe bet he won’t like what he sees:

Time even explained the relevance of Trump with his hair on fire to represent the first year of his failed administration:

“We used to live where the United States was a pretty steady country, and now you wake up every day and try to figure out where’s the next fire, where do we have to go, what do we have to try to contain. It’s sort of this President that you’re always trying to contain, like a wildfire that’s moving from one place to the other at all times.”

Trump epitomizes governance by crisis and division. If he isn’t making fun of Kim Jong-un and talking about how his nuclear button is “bigger” — Donnie, just admit your hands aren’t the only miniature part of your anatomy — Trump is praising neo-Nazis and the KKK by saying some of them are “fine people.” He’s a braggart, a bully, and an insecure toddler of a human being. So it’s only fitting that the Time cover portrays him the way it does. He’s a human match who burns down everything around him. But as we all learned when we were children, if you play with matches, sooner or later you get burned.

Featured Image Via CNN