Televangelist Gets Shredded For ‘Biblical’ Defense Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Why is it that so many alleged “Christians” support Donald Trump, even though nearly everything the president says and does is in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ?

A perfect example of this could be found on CNN Friday evening when a panel of guests discussed Trump’s highly offensive remarks about “shithole” countries. One of the guests, Pastor Mark Burns, said there was a biblical defense for what Trump had said:

“A man who does not take care of his own home, his own home, their own people, is worse than an infidel. We have somehow forgotten that in America.”

Fellow panelist Kirsten Nelson then reminded Burns:

“What you just were quoting was about the government. We’re talking about the people coming over. What you’re basically saying is if you come from an s-hole country that you’re an s-hole person. That’s not correct.

“This country is filled with people who came from terrible countries, terrible governments and they fled here and they came here. That’s the exact kind of people I think a pastor would be saying, we would want them to come to the country, and they’ve been major contributors to this country.”

Eventually, Burns relented some and admitted that as a Christian, the Bible tells him to help the poor and homeless. That led host Erin Burnett to respond with this perfectly-placed line that put Burns in his place:

“But don’t let them into your home, God forbid.”

Apparently, Pastor Burns doesn’t know (or doesn’t care) that hypocrisy is one of the greatest sins of all.

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