Bill Maher And Friends SLAM Fundies Who Are Still Bowing To Trump (VIDEOS)

It should come as no surprise that the religious right’s willingness to continue bowing down to Donald Trump has given the nation’s comedians a lifetime’s worth of material. After all, some of the same people who wanted Bill Clinton politically lynched for sleeping with Monica Lewinsky think Trump’s reported affair with porn star Stormy Daniels isn’t that big of a deal.

As it turns out, we didn’t have to wait for the gang at “Saturday Night Live” to give Trump the full treatment. Bill Maher and his friends at “Real Time” decided to let Trump have it on Friday night.

It started with Maher’s opening monologue. While riffing on Trump’s attempt to fire Robert Mueller, Maher tore into Trump’s fundie loyalists. Watch here.

Maher mused that Melania may be hopping mad at Trump for “screwing a porn star,” but the evangelicals seem to be okay with it. Recalling how Tony Perkins said that the religious right was giving Trump “a mulligan,” Maher mused that the fundies apparently see it as “one little blemish on an otherwise spotless Christian life.” However, Maher thinks that it may take a lot more than that to wipe Trump’s slate clean.

“I’m not sure ‘mulligan’ is what gets you from Trump’s life to the life of a decent human being. I think the word for that is ‘reincarnation.'”

But the best was yet to come. On the YouTube-only segment, “Overtime,” Republican political consultant and ardent never-Trumper Rick Wilson turned his guns on the Trumpvangelicals. Watch here.

One viewer had sent in a question about why the fundies were willing to “give Trump a pass on behavior they would otherwise condemn.” Maher pitched the question to Wilson, who revealed that he had a theory–the “Book of Poontang” said it was okay. What does the Lord say on this?

“And it says, ‘Thou shalt allow The Donald to f*ck porn stars and let him get away with it.”

In a colossal understatement, Wilson claimed that the fundies were on the peak of “a Mount Everest-size mountain of bullshit.”

It’s hard not to agree. When the nation’s so-called moral guardians are telling Christians that they should just “get over” concerns about a president who isn’t even trying to uphold basic standards of acceptable behavior, they have definitely jumped the shark.

(featured image courtesy Mark Warner, available under a Creative Commons BY-SA license)

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