BREAKING: Scott Baio Was Just Accused Of Being A Child Molester

On Saturday, former Charles in Charge and Baywatch star Nicole Eggert accused co-star Scott Baio, now a creepy 57-year-old version of his younger self, of molesting her repeatedly when she was a teenager, beginning with fondling her when she was only 14 years old.

Baio’s wife tweeted back.

We’ve pulled this screengrab to show tweets that were deleted. Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

Co-star Adam Carl rushed to Eggert’s defense.

Baio tweeted a photo of correspondence between his legal team and Dr. Oz, alleging Eggert at one time wanted to tell her story on Oz’s show.

You can see the letter here.

Baio admitted (I think?) that they had sex at one time, but after she was 18.

In addition to this, he did a rambling Facebook live video. Excerpt:

“The reason I’m doing Facebook Live is because no one can edit me…. This is the truth.”

In the video, Baio says that Eggert made claims against him in 2016 so that she could get on reality TV shows. He didn’t respond to the accusations at that time, but later said that Eggert and co-star Alexander Polinsky “decided to team up against” him. He suggested they go to the police.

He ended his Facebook live video with this:

“I don’t know what else to put out there. She’s my best friend in the world, then all of a sudden I’m the bogeyman. The problem with almost all he said/she said cases is they’re he said/she said. Now, go prove it or disprove it…the real problem with this is people with legitimate claims aren’t taken seriously, and that’s too bad.”

Watch here:

Andddddd he put up a Facebook post.

Polinsky has previously spoken somewhat cryptically about abuse he suffered on the set of Charles in Charge. Some of the tweets have been deleted but I pulled screengrabs from The Western Journal.

And he tweeted this, which doesn’t name Baio but speaks to his own trauma.

All of this makes the Charles in Charge theme song seem reallyyyyy creepy.

“Charles in charge of our days and our nights….Charles in charge of our wrongs and rights. And I want…I want…I want….Charles in charge of me.”

Suffice to say that “Charles” will likely be in charge of no one’s children after this.

Better known perhaps as “Chachi” on the hit show Happy Days, Baio is now a right wing nutjob who gained some attention at the Republican National Convention in 2016. Here is His Douchiness and his lame speech.

Shut up, Chachi. I imagine the truth will come out, but some conservatives are saying (surprise surprise!) #IBelieveScott. As for me, I’ll join #TeamNicole because what rational person is going to believe a right wing nutjob over a beautiful young girl?

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