WATCH: This Public School Teacher TORCHES Trump’s Insane Put Guns In Classrooms Idea To Ashes

Recently in response to the tragic school shooting that claimed the lives of 17 people in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s day, The National Rifle Association’s favorite 30.3 million-dollar puppet Donald Trump insisted that arming America’s school teachers was the prescription for stopping school shootings.

In response, a teacher named Don M. Domas posted a video on Facebook to address his grievance¬†with Trump’s (the NRA’s) irresponsibly¬†dangerous proposal.The teacher first questioned where the funds would come from to pay for the guns. He surmised that they would probably cut some vital school program like free lunch to fund the weapons. He also questioned how would this system work.

Dumas wanted to know if they would be expected to transport and maintain the weapons at home safely, or would they be stored in a “secure” locker at school. He also asked where he would be expected to wear his weapon and how he could ensure that a student didn’t take it from him. All of these questions are ones that Trump nor anyone in his inept administration’s prepared to answer anytime soon. Here’s the video.

But, Dumas’ most terrifying observation had less to do with the mechanics of how such a system would work but rather how carrying a gun into a classroom could and probably would change a teacher’s perception of his or her students. Just imagine if an unarmed child is on drugs or has a severe mental episode in class? What he or she attacks another student or the teacher? Would that teacher be as inclined to try and de-escalate the situation or would they reach for another “solution?”

On top of that scenario, there is the race factor. It is a fact that African American school children often face more punitive disciplinary actions from teachers and school officials for the same infractions and behavior exhibited by the white counterparts.

And just imagine the civil unrest if the child shot by a teacher was an unarmed black student? This NRA proposition is nothing more than another ploy to increase the stock value of the numerous gun manufacturers who want to improve their bottom lines by selling more guns. Fortunately, educators and students are wise to there machinations and this year may be the year the tide changes.

Featured image via Facebook and YouTube.