WATCH: Insanely Racist White Woman Screaming N-Word At Waiter, ON CAMERA!

You really just have to see this to believe it. A young Florida man named Orlando Ortega was victimized by a racist white woman and recorded it all on Facebook Live. Corrections have been made that say the racist woman is actually another employee at the restaurant, not the owner as was previously reported by some news outlets. Reports say that the woman’s name is Eileen Elizabeth Marcinkowski.

“Owner of a restaurant named Cactus Jack in Fort Myers, goes on a racist tirade against a newly hired employee because he messed up an order.”

Here she is with her cute Confederate flag. But she’s not a racist, eh?

Here’s an updated news video, via Facebook.

From Fox4Now.

“The lady in the video he actually did hit. She had blood on her face, she was bleeding,” said Jane Thursfield, owner of Cactus Jack. 

Thursfield says Ortega provoked the fight when he punched Marcinkowski in the face after he was let go by the restaurant. Fox 4 could see no evidence of blood on Marcinkowski’s face in the Facebook video. 

The owner says even if Marcinkowski was provoked, the racial comments were not okay.   “No, no. Of course not. No, we don’t condone that at all.”

Other customers, like Johnny Samz, who regularly eats at Cactus Jack, agreed. “I don’t think it’s ever good, for anybody to use the N-word,” said Samz. “I don’t care what the circumstances are.” 

Four in Your Corner’s Jasmine Minor asked since Ortego no longer worked at the restaurant, if Marcinkowski would face the same fate. 

“She is still working here, yeah,” said Thursfield. “I have not been here long and she’s working, but we will obviously address that.” 

The owner says the incident took place “off-the-clock” and “off business property.” She still plans on addressing the issue with her entire staff. 

BTW, Orlando Ortega is denying that he punched her, and is going to sue the restaurant. Who knows, right? I’m inclined to believe him because what I KNOW, having lived in the South all my life, and for several years in the deep south, is that it would be really unusual for a black man in this particular scenario to punch a white woman unless he is trying to fend her off. I’m sure the truth will come out in his lawsuit. Furthermore, we’ve not seen photos of her “bloody” face.


I LOVE this comment from the racist lady (one we’ve heard a LOT):

“There are black n*ggers and there are white n*ggers.”

Um….no. There aren’t. That word has been used exclusively to demean black people. The ONLY time a white person is called the N-word is in the context she used it in: to defend her own use of the word towards a black person.

It really irritates me (OK, it totally pisses me off) that THIS crazy woman is the stereotypical white Southern woman. It’s not. As I told her in Facebook Messenger (she’s not responded), she is a “disgrace as a Southern woman.”

All images found via social media, available publicly, and therefore fair use. 


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