Tattoos, Nose Piercing, Tight Pants, High Heels, Mini-Skirts: Duggar Girls Gone Wild!

The atypical (and sometimes just dang weird)¬†Duggar family made the news again recently when daughter Jinger Duggar Vuolo rebelliously broke with her family’s strict dress code and wore “tight” jeans (these aren’t what I call tight, but whatever works in Duggar-landia).

Furthermore, their family church is very unhappy with them.




As one Jinger fan put it:

esbeecakes¬†Exactly, lol as soon as she got married, she’s gone on her own path…which I believe was in her all along. She just has more liberty to do it now that she’s married and living in a another state…so it’s like she’s starting new. But it’s also influenced the other sisters as well, though it’s only Jill for now.

Shall we move on to Jill, who has gone absolutely NUTZ (by Duggar standards, not ours?

Jill has been spotted with a henna tattoo, also wearing jeans, and (!?!?!?) a nose ring, and these hella sexy shoes with a short dress.




Jill Duggar Dillart teaching a class about God-centered relationships in jeans, via Instagram

One more thing: Joy-Anna Duggar may have been pregnant before marriage.

We say good for them! Not because of the tight jeans, nose rings, etc…or in ANYTHING they wear. If they want to wear nothing but long dresses, good for them, too. I’m applauding her for is doing whatever the F she wants for probably the first time in her life and putting some of the outdated practices of her bizarre family behind her.

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